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<name	= robert.müller>
<gender	= male>
<age	= 29>
<graduation = abitur (a-levels)> <apprenticeship = informatikberatung.renner> <profession = it.specialist> <specialization = application.development> <vocational school = game.technican @> <current occupation = lead.programmer @> <languages = german(native), english(fluent)>
<programming languages = c#, c++, pascal, 4th.dimension> <shader languages = hlsl, cg> <script languages = javascript, php, python,        (x)html, css, mysql> <software = office,, svn,        cvs, perforce, maya, photoshop> <additional skills = windows, linux, mac>


code reference

code these are chosen code snippets
showing my coding style

demo reference

code here are binary references of my work

web reference

code here are my web references which are running websites
and online projects


Robert Müller
Genner Str. 27a
50354 Hürth

icq: 84323518

cell phone: +49(0)174 978 34 44

Web Reference

A website with database access for seminar management. Seminars will be sent from Access (firm internal system) through ODBC to MySQL and then shown online.
Used languages: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Html
Databases: MS Access, MySQL

A webpage with an integrated office service tool. Further information can be found here (pdf, 200K, German only). This was my apprenticeship exam.
Used languages: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Html
Databases: MS Access, MySQL

Here I completed my apprenticeship. I did the scripts for navigation, frames and mail on this site.
Used languages: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Html

An online shop based on OSCommerce. I did multiple adjustments for importing data and overall style.
Used languages: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Html

Other non-public references

Demo References

White Room (Working Title) - Images

I was the lead programmer of a yet unannounced game.
I was responsible for leading and coordinating a team of
eight programmers, the evaluation of hardware and
software packages and programming of most of the shaders and
additions to the rendering.

This project uses the Vision engine, NVidia PhysX, XACT, Direct X, Raknet and SpeedTree.

Twilight - Images and Videos

I was the programmer of the student project Twilight,
which was my final exam at the Games-Academy.
The aim was to create a playable demo which was shown at
the Games Convention 2006. The project features multiplayer
action and state of the art graphics. It is physics driven to
support the gameplay. We support for example destroyable
objects, ragdoll and physics for particle effects.

I also wrote a level editor for this project which has functions
like realtime terrain painting, object positioning and rotating
and duplicating. Gamelogic, models, materials, physical parameters
and collision models make up a template from which objects are generated.

This project uses the Ogre3D engine, NVidia PhysX and OIS.


This is a Warcraft III expansion map. It is a Pacman style
game for up to 5 players. 4 players take part as hunters and 1
player has to collect all coins on the map. If a hunter
catches the PacOrc he becomes PacOrc himself and the former coin
collector becomes a hunter.

Other non-public references

Code Reference


This is a small tool which converts a code file with the help of a syntax file to a xhtml document. All pages showing source code on this site were generated with this tool. It still has some problems with escape chars, but they will be fixed soon.
Language: c#


This is a shader which uses a diffuse-, a normal-, a specular-, and an occlusionmap to render objects. At last a simple texture is modulated to fake shadows of clouds.
Language: HLSL

Splatting Terrain Shader

This is a shader which uses one ground texture and blends up to 4 textures on top of the ground texture. The alpha value of the splat textures is used to define where to blend in the subjacent textures.
Texturevariation und scattering is achieved by multiplying the result with two other textures, namely the color and cloud shadow maps
Language: HLSL


This is a small quiz game for the IRC chat network. It is designed to work with XChat under Linux.
Language: Python

Maya Simple Collision Object Exporter

This is an exporter for simple collision meshes (box, sphere).
Language: MEL

Maya Plane to Bone Converter

This small script replaces all selected objects with joints. For our Games-Academy project we use joints as tagpoints. With this tool the artist can build for example a tree with planes and see the final result in Maya, later it will be converted to use joints for the engine.
Language: MEL